As we are entering the hottest month of the year, it can be easier to get dehydrated. Along with drinking water, you should also be having food that hydrates you! Here are some of the best hydrating foods:

They say you should have 5 hobbies for the best life. Here are the 5 hobbies and some examples of each:

Something that is not talked about enough is the people that ask for the bare minimum in relationships (with friends, family, or significant others). Just because all you are asking for is the bare minimum, doesn't mean that is all you deserve. Read that again. Just because you are low maintenance does not mean you don't deserve more.

With all of the heat advisories lately, it is important to know how you can regulate your body temperature to stay safe this summer. Some obvious ways to help is to stay hydrated and stay in a cool environment. Here are some additional ways you can regulate your body temperature:

I saw a video the other day that had a great message that I think should be shared to others. The idea was that when you insult yourself, you are insulting your younger self. The version of you that would be proud of how far you have come. The version of you that had not yet endured everything you have....

Some people are afraid to heal because they have made their identity around their trauma. They don't know who they are outside of that trauma and the unknown can be scary.

Today is national iced tea day! So, what are the health benefits of iced tea? As long as your tea doesn't contain too much sugar, here are some of the benefits: