Many people think that the best and shortest way to lose fat is to cut out your carbs. Everyone is different and of course there are factors such as body type and your specific goals- however, carbs are a good energy source and trying to cut them out completely can sometimes have a reverse effect. Just like sugar, alcohol and drugs, we develop a tolerance to carbs. If you try to go cold turkey and stop eating them when you're used to eating a lot of them, your body will only crave more and you risk binging later on. The way I like to do it is focus on what kind of carbs I'm intaking. What are some healthier carb options? Look for low-glycemic. Brown rice, sweet potato, whole grains/whole wheat, sprouted grain, are some examples. You can buy pasta made out of chickpeas or brown rice and you can barely tell the difference! These all contain a higher fiber content, keeping you full and satisfied longer, unlike carbs like white rice and white pasta that are high-glycemic, and leave you hungry again shortly. Featured is a picture of my favorite brown rice pasta, I get it at Trader Joe's!