Causes Of Mental Health Problems


There are many reasons why someone may be struggling with their mental health. For some, it is an ongoing thing, while for others it may be short-term. Even if your mental health has been improving lately, it is normal to have harder days mixed in.

Here are some common causes of mental health problems:

  • Stressful situations

  • Medical conditions

  • Life changes

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Drug abuse

  • Social isolation

  • Long-term stress

  • Loneliness

  • Childhood trauma

  • Neglect

  • Losing someone

  • Abuse

  • Working in a stressful environment

  • Not getting enough rest

  • Traumatic events

  • Poor eating and sleeping habits

  • Negative thoughts

If you are struggling with mental health problems, try reaching out to a trusted friend or family member. You may also want to consider therapy or talking to your doctor.