Health Benefits of Owning a Pet


Most people love pets and who can blame them? Animals are the sweetest things ever, especially dogs! I rescued a puppy last year in February and having a dog has really improved my overall health! Here is how I have benefited from having a dog:

  • Mental health: My anxiety was getting pretty bad and I was falling into a depression before I had gotten my puppy. Petting and cuddling with him would help me feel more calm and ease the anxious feelings I had. It helped with depression as well since I needed to be responsible for something other than myself. Due to my anxiety and depression, I would want to stay in bed all day. Having a dog forces you to get out of bed and go outside and get fresh air!

  • Exercise: Dogs need exercise daily and so do people! The best part about exercising with a dog is the motivation. You know your dog needs exercise to be healthy, then you end up participating in exercise too! My favorite things to do with my dog is to go on walks, runs, and take him to the dog park. Even throwing a ball around for him at the dog park keeps me active too! Not to mention being more active just by bringing him outside throughout the day.

There are many health benefits of having a pet and it's different for each person and each pet! If you have been struggling with overall health, see if having a pet could help you like it helped me. There may be reasons you can't have a pet, if this is the case, I recommend looking into volunteering at a local animal shelter!