How Decluttering Your Home Manages Stress


Our homes are one of the most crucial assets in our lives, and the level of care we put into them directly affects our mental health. Thankfully, decluttering can be done as creatively and extensively as you'd prefer. In addition, an organized home produces a calmer state of mind and a stronger sense of control over one's life.

The Benefits of Decluttering A Home

  • Improved focus: Clutter is time-consuming when finding what you're looking for is harder. It's also a distracting eye-sore, so eliminating unnecessary junk will significantly improve focus for completing tasks at home.
  • Better self-esteem: Being disorganized is a slippery slope that can quickly spiral out of control. A well-maintained living space is beneficial for restoring feelings of competence and confidence.
  • Improved relationships: Roommates and family members may be a source of conflict for individuals who struggle to manage their clutter. Additionally, inviting house guests to a tidy home will be more comfortable and reduce feelings of shame or embarrassment.
  • Reduced asthma and allergies: Even though a tidy home isn't messy, it may still be dirty. Cleaning your belongings as you organize them is effective at preventing unwanted pests. Also, adequately cleaned houses have less dust, mold, and mildew, which are notorious asthma and allergy triggers.
  • Healthier lifestyle and well-being: The desire and ease of preparing healthy meals come naturally with a tidy kitchen. Quality of sleep is also improved in a neat bed and clean bedroom.

Tips For Decluttering Your Home

  • To avoid overwhelming yourself, start small. For example, you may plan out a daily schedule of picking one space to organize at a time. Starting out small with a drawer or cabinet will make organizing more manageable.
  • Structure your decluttering based on importance. Consider your upcoming plans if you'll be having anyone coming to your home. For example, organizing your kitchen will reinforce motivation and help you feel more prepared for the event if you're hosting a holiday get-together. Also, since decluttering takes longer than expected, giving yourself extra time helps you think clearly about what you want to keep and get rid of.
  • You should never strive for perfection. A pragmatic mindset is beneficial while decluttering. There's no need to store away belongings for an aesthetically pleasing living space, primarily if you use them frequently. It's expected that items in our home will experience wear and tear with age, and it's best not to compare our living spaces with those of other people.

Habits & Characteristics Of Clutterers

Individuals who struggle with cluttering may exhibit the following:

  • They need better time management skills and help to finish tasks they start.
  • Have a perfectionistic mindset, and restart or quit tasks that don't meet their expectations.
  • They are easily sidetracked or quickly lose interest in a task, as often seen in attention deficit disorders.
  • They have a highly active social life and spend more time with others while neglecting their responsibilities.
  • They struggle with procrastination; exhibit a pattern of putting tasks off.