Perfectionism vs. Striving


Do you catch yourself draining your energy by a never ending list of "To-do's"? Do you feel anxious to get so many things done and get let down if you don't? You may be dealing with "perfectionism". The difference between perfectionism and just striving to do your best/improve, is perfectionism tells yourself you are not worthy if you don't complete certain tasks. You are fighting for worthiness. Striving to do your best is more about self-love. You still accept yourself and hold compassion, and you do things for your own good, to improve. You don't "fight" for acceptance. Perfectionism sounds like "I need to have this, do this, etc. in order to be worthy". Striving sounds like "I am going to improve my quality of live by doing this". Perfectionism often comes with comparison to others, while striving is comparison to yourself and your past.