Productivity Hacks


Maximizing time and efficiency can be a difficult thing to do. Research has shown that there are certain hacks to help you become more productive, if done correctly.

Here are some of my favorite productivity hacks:

1. Focusing on one task at a time rather than trying to multitask

Multitasking typically has a negative effect on someone's productivity. You lose more time trying to switch between tasks than you would by completing one before moving onto the next. The more tasks you try doing at once, the more your productivity goes down.

2. Block your distractions

It isn't always realistic to put your phone away completely, so limiting your notifications may be the next best thing. You can mute notifications such as social media, friends, etc. Then you will still get notifications you need like emails but you won't get distracted by others.

3. The Pomodoro Method

This is a simple way to ensure you have productivity time and time to give your mind a rest. The first thing you do is pick which task you want to do first. You will do 25 minutes of focused work then 5 minutes of break time. It might help to set a timer to begin with so you can stay on track. You will repeat this throughout the day. After every 4 Pomodoro sections, take a 15-30 minute break. This helps you manage your time management and productivity.

4. Practice Grouping

Grouping similar tasks together helps your productivity as well. For example, grouping together all of your administrative work such as emails, phone calls, messages, etc. into a certain time frame before moving on to other types of tasks will help. From there, you could move on to managing your social media accounts, then researching, etc.

5. Plan your day

Making a to-do list will help keep your thoughts organized as well as reduce anxiety about the day. Seeing your tasks will help you group them together and decide on a strategy to complete them. This helps you maximize your time and efficiency.