Should You Ditch Dry Shampoo?


Did you know that most dry shampoos contain propellants, abrasives, absorbents, preservatives, and chemicals used for fragrance? Many of these ingredients contain potentially harmful properties such as octoxynol-10, benzyl salicylate, cetrimonium chloride, talc, propane, and butane. These can cause potential harm when in contact with your skin, eyes, or when they are inhaled.

Most of us know it is not good to wash your hair too often, so we go for the dry shampoos to get us through a few more days without washing it. Since most dry shampoos can potentially cause harm, there are a few natural alternatives. Some of those alternatives include:

  • Organic cocoa powder

  • Organic cornstarch

  • Natural hemp sheets

  • Arrowroot

  • Oatmeal and baking soda