Research has shown that certain vitamins, supplements, and herbs have helped improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. These can be taken in the form of foods or supplements.

I heard a quote yesterday that really resonated with me. It was, "if you have one argument during the day it can go either way but if you have multiple arguments throughout the day, you should look in the mirror."

Everyone knows the basics when it comes to being sick. Rest, drink water, and take vitamin C. There are contradictory findings from studies on the affects of vitamin C, some studies show that taking the vitamin can shorten the amount of time you are sick while others found it has no substantial benefits. There are so many other things you...

If you can't think of New Year resolutions or have a hard time sticking to them, try doing monthly goals this year instead. Rather than taking on goals that span throughout the year, you can break them down into more manageable timelines.

Every year people make New Year's resolutions. Some find success in doing this and others find it difficult to keep up with them. Here are some reminders that have helped me in the past with keeping my resolutions:

Stress can affect different areas of your life but did you know it can affect your memory? When you experience stress, it causes your body to shift into fight or flight mode resulting in the frontal lobe (decision making) part of your brain to shut down.

With Christmas being just a few days away, some people are scrambling trying to find last minute Christmas gifts. Regardless of who you still need to buy for, you still have a few days to figure it out. Here are some last minute gift ideas:

Oftentimes it can be difficult to recognize signs of anxiety, especially if you do not struggle with anxiety yourself. Although everyone is different, there are some common signs that you can look for. Here is a list of signs of anxiety:

This is the time of year that cranberries are seen in many dishes. We all know that foods come with various health benefits, but cranberries have some of the most benefits, while also having some very unique ones!