5 Tips to Weight Loss Without Medication


There is a lot of inaccurate information on weight loss on the internet. And most of this information is written by ordinary bloggers. They want to churn out as many words as possible without regard to their accuracy and scientific sources.

However, if you truly want to lose weight without taking any medication, these 5 scientifically backed tips may be all you need.

1. Do not skip meals

According to Angela Lemond, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Texas, "Remember, the main objective of our biology is to maintain life. When our bodies are denied the calories that are their source of life energy, they will act to survive. The meals that are higher in energy density are known to our bodies, and we will crave them more.

Respect your hunger and do not allow your system to believe it is starving. This conflict with a lot of diet strategies you are familiar with, yet those strategies don't help individuals in the long run. Typically, I advise eating every 4 hours when you are active."

2. Keep hydrated.

According to research, those who drank two cups of water before meals lost more weight than those who did not and kept it off. This easy trick has two benefits. First, you may eat more due to thirst because sometimes thirst appears like hunger. Additionally, water makes you feel more satisfied and eat less during meals: - Megan Casper, RDN, a nutritionist who is also the CEO of Nourished Bite.

3. Use a smaller plate.

You can consume smaller servings by using smaller dishes. You might be able to slowly get used to consuming smaller meals without feeling hungry by utilizing smaller dishes and bowls. Don't eat too fast. Also, stop eating before you feel full because it takes the stomach about 15-20 minutes to communicate with the brain that it is full.

4. Add more protein to your morning meal.

When eating breakfast, include between 15-25 g of protein. Protein helps you feel full because it digests slowly and blocks hunger hormones. Breakfast with a high-protein also aids in reducing hunger throughout the day. For example, take whole-wheat toast with 2 eggs and high-protein frozen waffles with almonds or avocado, berries, and a drizzle of maple syrup, combine protein sources with fiber and healthy fats.

5. Try Different Fruits for Dessert

Fruits have low calories and are packed with antioxidants and fiber. And only 10% of Americans are consuming the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, according to the CDC. In addition to helping you fulfill your daily requirements, using fruits as dessert will add flavor to the day.

A variety of fruits can be sautéed, grilled, or baked. A delicious option is grilled peach with vanilla yogurt and shaved almonds. This helps you lose some ounces off your waist and belly faster than you expect.


As you've seen, these are very simple tips yet effective. These steps will not only help you lose weight but also maintain and adhere to the lifestyle which will help you in the long run.