Acknowledging Past Emotions


I have been wanting to find ways to process my emotions better lately, not only for myself but for my relationships as well. I heard a phrase the other day that really hit home. That phrase was, "There's a part of you that has been so hurt that it forces itself to be seen. It makes you revisit those moments so that you can acknowledge that it got hurt." This made me realize that there are things in my life that I just brushed off and moved on from, without really acknowledging how it made me feel, so I never truly healed from them. Hearing this helped me with my first step of self reflection- making me aware of my emotions. I usually cannot come up with an effective solution for a difficult situation until I am fully aware of what my emotions are. With this phrase, it reminds me that we all have feelings and emotions for a reason and unless we acknowledge them, we will never truly be able to move on from them. Now that I realize what I have been doing, I will be looking into ways to improve dealing with my emotions. You have emotions for a reason, we need to start acknowledging and accepting them!