The Ode to an Influencer -  By Anna Chernyak

Friday's here, but the work's not done,
Promoting on social media, it's always fun.
A world of likes, shares, and trends,
Where TikTok's the app that never ends.

We scroll through feeds, with a focused eye,
Creating content that'll catch the eye.
Hashtags, filters, and music tracks,
We plan, we post, and then we relax.

The clock ticks by, the day grows old,
But we keep going, our creativity bold.
We know that each view, like, and share,
Is a step towards our social media fare.

As we type, tweet, and post away,
We feel a sense of joy, it's hard to sway.
For we know that in this digital world,
Our efforts are what make the brand unfurled.

So here's to the person working hard,
On this Friday, giving it their all.
May your social media promotion go far,
And your TikTok presence stand tall.