Benefits of Spices


There are many health benefits of including spices and herbs in your diet. In my last blog, How to Prepare Yourself for Winter, I explained that it is important to include these in your diet especially in the winter. Here are some of my favorites and their benefits:

  • Cinnamon- lowers blood sugar levels and helps in preventing diabetes

  • Sage- improves brain function and memory

  • Chili powder- helps regulate metabolism

  • Parsley- contains antioxidants that support bone and immune health

  • Cumin- helps manage weight, stress and cholesterol

  • Peppermint- relieves IBS symptoms and helps with nausea

  • Cayenne Pepper- some studies show it contains anti-cancer properties

  • Turmeric- anti-inflammatory, boosts immune system, and helps fight infections

  • Ginger- contains anti-inflammatory properties

  • Rosemary- helps prevent allergies and nasal congestion

  • Garlic- improves heart health and fights colds

  • Oregano- contains antioxidants, boosts immune system, reduces inflammation, regulates blood sugar, improves insulin resistance, helps fight cancer

These spices and herbs can help you maintain your health and improve how you feel this winter. The antioxidants they contain will help prevent you from getting sick as well.