Body Neutral Affirmations


Almost everyone I know has had issues with their body image at some point in their lives. For most people, as they grow older, they start to realize they are more than just a body. If you are still struggling to see that you are more than just a body, try saying these body neutral affirmations every day and see how your perspective may change.

  • I am more than a body

  • I am more than just my looks

  • My body deserves respect

  • My body is not the most interesting thing about me

  • I don't need to change my body

  • My happiness is not based on how others see me

  • My body is constantly changing and that's okay

  • I don't need to love how I look all the time to be happy

  • The way I look is only one thing about me

  • My worth does not depend on my looks or on how others view me

  • I release all judgment towards my body

  • My body is healing

  • I am grateful for everything my body has gotten me through

  • I am grateful for all of the places my body has brought me

  • Not all bodies look the same and that's okay

Being able to change your perspective will help you love your body and yourself more. If you are having negative feelings towards your body, try reevaluating your thoughts. For example, if you look in the mirror and think, "I hate how my legs look." instead, think, "I am grateful for all of the places my legs have taken me." If you think, "I don't look as skinny as I used to." instead you should think, "I am lucky to be experiencing good food with friends and family." It is all about your own perspective and shifting your thoughts.