Energy Drainers


Energy drainers can cause you to feel burnt out, overwhelming fatigue, and lack of interest in others and activities. It is so important to realize when things are energy drainers to you and when you need to take a break. Learning how to set boundaries and reframing your mind will help you avoid these issues.

Here are some examples of things that can be energy drainers:

  • Trying to gain control over things we cannot control

  • Bringing up our past mistakes

  • Spending time with people who do not make us happy

  • Comparing ourselves to others

  • Being too harsh with ourselves

  • Worrying about others' opinions

  • Acting like someone we are not

  • Trying to convince others of our worth

  • Focusing on the negatives

  • Doing things we don't care to do

  • Taking care of others more than ourselves