Harsh Truths You May Need to Hear


Here are some things that might seem harsh but you probably need to hear:

  • You have to let go of the past.

  • Let go of expectations- of yourself and others.

  • Go meet new people and see new places.

  • You won't always get what you give, it's actually super rare.

  • Stop judging- yourself and others.

  • No one owes you anything. At all.

  • Stop making excuses.

  • Stop making assumptions.

  • There is no perfect timing- do it now.

  • If you hurt someone, you need to take ownership of it.

  • You are responsible for your own feelings.

  • You have to take risks.

  • Stop living in your comfort zone.

  • Talk about yourself the way you talk about your loved ones.

  • It's okay to stop being in someone's life if it's for your wellbeing and peace.

  • Good things take time. Be patient.

  • Not everyone will believe in, agree with, like, or support you. And that's okay.

  • This is your life.