Hating Your Body - Impactful Habits To Improve Self-Image


Whether you despise your body's perceived flaws or desperately wish you were born with a different build, poor self-image is all too common. According to research, as many as 84% of American women have experienced bodily disappointment at some point.

Self-acceptance and embracing your body when you have many reasons not to is complex and certainly not as straightforward as particular social groups make it seem, such as the 'body positivity movement.' However, with patience and consistency, going from an "I hate my body" mindset to a more positive one, you can accomplish a beneficial one with habits geared toward self-improvement.

  • Make it a commitment.

Commitment to the change, resulting from consistency, is the beginning point of improving your self-image. Accepting the harmful viewpoint of your body is crucial if you're serious about developing a healthier outlook. Tell yourself what you plan to improve and why, but make sure you mean it first.

  • Ignore any narratives that say you'll be better off if you look a certain way.

Once you evaluate why you want to love your body, stay true to yourself by ignoring outside social influences. Accepting your physical appearance also means maintaining a realistic perspective - looking different doesn't mean you'll never experience sadness, loneliness, or rejection again.

Social beauty standards are known to be harsh and judgemental, and allowing them to influence you too much may lead to feelings of inadequacy or not being attractive enough. Embracing your individuality will help you fulfill your self-image goals on your terms. You can tell yourself, "I am worthy of love and acceptance in this body the way it is. The negative judgments of others have no power over me."

  • Don't compare your body to others, either.

Learning how to embrace your body means refraining from basing your expectations on what others look like. Criticizing or being envious of another individual's body gives off the impression, both to them and yourself, that a person's worth is validly measured by their physical appearance. It's essential to remember each person is unique and valuable in their way. As we age, recognizing that bodies will still change no matter how much work we put into them helps lower high expectations into perspective.

  • Stay away from social media content that causes negative feelings about body image.

Ultra-petite, glamorous, and seemingly perfect celebrities and Instagram models certainly carry admiration for their presence, and getting caught up in their social media lives may seem harmless. However, according to countless research studies, this exposure is among the most prominent killers of healthy body image.

As soon as you become aware of adverse changes in self-esteem while on social media, it's best to be selective about what content you choose to involve yourself with. For example, joining a social group that promotes a healthier body image is an excellent method of developing a sense of unity with other people going through similar struggles.