Haunted Hotels You Can Actually Stay In


Local Minnesota hotels:

Palmer House Hotel- Sauk Centre

This hotel has been around since 1901- it's over 100 years old. There have been many investigations done here, including being featured on TV shows. There have been reports of apparitions, voices, and people even claiming they were touched by ghosts!

The Kahler Grand Hotel - Rochester

This was once part of the Mayo Clinic and included a surgery area and a morgue in the basement. There have been numerous reports by guests and employees of apparitions in this hotel.

The Water Street Inn- Stillwater

This hotel is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a Confederate officer. Employees and guests have reported seeing apparitions and other strange anomalies.

Calumet Inn- Pipestone

This house is almost 150 years old. The third floor has had many reports of paranormal activities, with the most/strongest being in room 308. There have been reports of flickering lights, apparitions, and electronics failing to work.

Mrs. B's Historic Lanesboro Inn - Lanesboro

This was once a doctor's office that was built in 1872. There have been many reports of footsteps, strange energy, flashing lights, and apparitions.

Other States:

La Fonda on the Plaza- New Mexico

There are many reports of apparitions and paranormal activities taking place here, most of which are reported to be the ghosts of a judge who was shot in the lobby, a businessman who jumped down a well, and a bride that was killed on her wedding night.

RMS Queen Mary- California

The Queen Mary has several reported paranormal areas, including stateroom B340, where a passenger died in 1948. For 60 years guests have reported apparitions, strange noises, and paranormal energy.

Omni Shoreham Hotel- Washington, D.C.

The history of this hotel is mysterious, as two people, a young girl and a maid that was an employee there both died unexpectedly and under unknown circumstances. Guests have reported tons of paranormal activities on this floor such as hearing strange noises and feeling paranormal energy.

The Stanley Hotel- Colorado

This was Stephen King's inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in his novel, "The Shining." There are many reports of spirits and other paranormal entities wandering the halls as well as strange noises and paranormal energy.

The Marshall House- Georgia

This property was used as a hospital during the war and again during the yellow fever epidemics. There have been many reports from guests saying they have seen ghosts and heard children running up and down the halls. Considering how many deaths have taken place on this property, it makes sense for it to be a paranormal hotspot.