Health Benefits of Cranberries


This is the time of year that cranberries are seen in many dishes. We all know that foods come with various health benefits, but cranberries have some of the most benefits, while also having some very unique ones!

  • Cranberries prevent urinary tract infections because of high amounts of proanthocyanidins which lower the adhesion of certain bacteria

  • Cranberries have anti inflammatory qualities and antioxidants

  • People who consume cranberries have lower levels of c-reactive protein and c-reactive protein triggers premature aging and cognitive decline

  • They have a high concentration of antioxidants

  • Boost heart health

  • Improve artery health

  • Better circulation

  • Energy and cognitive ability

  • Takes pressure off the heart

There are so many ways to incorporate cranberries into your recipes this holiday season, here is one of my favorite ways.