How Long Does Emotional Healing Take


No single individual is 100% without emotional problems all the time. At some point our lives, we experience some forms of emotional trauma. This can result from the loss of a loved one, heartbreak or even the loss of a job, and since these are part of our daily life, it is normal for us to think of healing processes.

Let's break down the timeline of emotional healing, and determine some tips to ease this process.

The Duration Of Emotional Healing

Healing is not a straightforward process that will result in a patient's immediate return to 100% functionality.

The five stages of emotional healing are explained below, but these phases last for various times and don't always follow one another.

1. The Denial Stage: 

Refusal is the deliberate or unintentional rejection to embrace reality. It serves as a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, many folks stay in denial for their whole lifetime.

2. The Anger Stage:

There are several ways that anger can appear. It can be directed outward, as in the case of rage, or within, as in depression and other feelings. While expressing your anger is excellent, you should know it's better to forget certain things.

3. The Bargaining Stage:

Negotiation never results in a long-term fix. When fear prevails, we negotiate or look for a deal. This is when we undermine our efforts to achieve inner peace, growth, and achievement in our life.

4. The Depression Stage: 

The name of this process is misleading because it signifies that you are starting to embrace the actual situation both in the past and present. During this time, you can experience depression, sadness, regret, guilt, fear, and uncertainty. You have accepted the changes and forgotten what transpired in the past, exposing you to a phase of happiness.

5. The Acceptance Stage: 

You have accepted the reality at this stage. You've distanced yourself from what has happened, how you feel, and the present and how it feels, and you've also accepted the future and what it might bring.

Some Helpful Tips To Speed Your Emotional Healing

1. Be yourself

You ought, to be honest with yourself. These entail being yourself and not allowing low esteem to come your way. Do your things boldly and calmly as if nothing is more than the present.

2. Invent yourself

Unveil your innate abilities and be conscious of the possibilities you possess. For example, you might lessen your psychological pain by transforming into someone who will feel less emotional turmoil, such as someone happier, less judgmental, less selfish, more creative, etc.

3. Take control of your thoughts

The things we think about most often lead to mental problems that affect us daily. Our ability to recognize negative thinking, challenge them, and stop them so we can replace them with more constructive ones must be improved. It is you who has control over your thoughts.