How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?


Like most people, hair washing is probably a standard part of your personal hygiene routine. While some may go many days or weeks without washing their hair, some do it every day.

However, do you often wonder whether you wash your hair too often or too little? This post looks at what elements should influence how often you wash your hair.

Factors influencing how often you should wash your hair.

According to experts, there is no set frequency at which people should wash their hair. It all depends on the individual. The following factors can help you decide how often to wash your hair.


The frequency you must wash your hair depends on how much you sweat. Sweat can disperse oil, giving your hair a greasy appearance and feel. Moreover, it may lead to a putrid smell in the hair. After an exercise or when you've been wearing a head covering, you may want to wash your hair.

Hair care products

A build-up of hair products on the hair and scalp can irritate and damage. A regular hair wash or rinse may be necessary if you use multiple hair care products daily.


The oil your scalp produces is essential to maintaining healthy, lustrous hair, despite its negative reputation. Naturally, most people's hair will have some oil in it. Some people's scalps create so much oil that they need to shampoo their hair daily, but this is definitely an exception. The average person only produces enough oil to wash their hair once every few days.

If you have oily hair, you may notice that it looks unclean and matted as the oil accumulates. People who tend to produce excessive oil may benefit from increasing the frequency with which they wash their hair.

Hair type

It's essential to consider your hair type when deciding how frequently to wash it. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that people with curly or textured hair wash their hair at most once a week or every other week to avoid damage. In contrast, if your hair is straight and thin, you should wash it more often than if it was curly or wavy. The oil easily coats straight hair, making it look greasy more rapidly.

Effect of washing the hair too frequently

Cleaning the scalp and removing the build-up of oil are two of shampoo's primary purposes. However, you should avoid washing your hair more than necessary. As a result of the cleansing process, shampoo can remove the scalp of its natural oils, leaving the hair and scalp dried and brittle. You can avoid this by shampooing only the roots of your hair. When you rinse the shampoo from your roots, it will go down to the ends and clean them.