How To Be a Successful Business Person


The tenant of each business can be different, but there are elements that can be applied to all business and are based on values that one can provide in any business to improve customers lives. 

Probably the most important aspect of any business is honesty. Only say things you mean, and mean things you say. This is not an empty word. Find out things that you're good at could use to improve the lives of others. Make it about the needs of your customer.
Another important aspect of a good business relationship is integrity. Integrity means to make your customers "whole". Keep your promises, and if you can not keep them, inform them and make sure that afterward you do anything you can to make them "whole". If you say you will complete a task this week, integrity means do the task by Friday before 4:30. If you can not be truly apologetic and make the people you have promised "whole" by doing everything you can so they don't pick up the pieces of the disaster you have created. 
Always aim to complete your tasks and take responsibility for your job. If you start a project, finish it and make sure others don't have to finish it for you. This will gain respect and again, as the other things, respect is not an empty word. It has to be deserved and not naturally expected. Furthermore, give respect and attention to people who deserve it.
Responsiveness- every business lives on cooperation and communication. There are very few jobs you can do alone on your own. Communicate clearly and be responsive to communication. If people have to chase you, they won't want to do business with you. Within any business, one business day is the maximum that people will expect you to come back and at least acknowledge that you have received the task assigned to you and come up with a plan on how you're going to respond to the communication you received. It does not matter how busy you are, if you are not responsive, you will lose respect from your working community.
Give more than you take in any relationship. Especially in a business environment, people do keep tabs on how much you provide them help and take resources. Every time you provide help, you gain credit. People who build up good credit in their business environment can draw more when they need it and finish with those resources and be one step forward. Think about it- do you want to work at 50 years old earning minimum wage, or do you want to be successful? The successful business person has a big line of credit with others to draw to invest in their own personal successes.
Persistence. Have a lot of fun at work, but it's not only about having fun. Its about providing value. Can you combine the two? Then you are a blessed person. Make sure that if you start a task, you put all your energy into it and do not give up. At times, work is not fun. build an environment you like to be in and. make sure you give yourself rewards for the work you do, but make sure if the work is not fun, you do not lose interest in the details. A poorly done job will prevent others from coming back to you and put you in a spiral of failures.
Last but not least, there is Discipline. There is no job on the planet that doesn't require discipline. It is not a trait you are born with. It is a trained trait. You can train yourself to have self-discipline. Create a calendar/agenda, and repeat necessary tasks. You could lose a job even at Walmart if you are not disciplined. Any job will not be sustainable if others have to cover for you.