How to Create the Life You Want in One Year


  • Do a life audit

    • This is where you will find exactly where you need to make changes or adjustments. There are 8 areas of life that you should look at: health, finances, personal development, career, relationships, self-care, home life, and free time

  • Shifting your mindset

    • The way we think and believe correlates with how we act. One of the greatest mindset changes you can make is your perspective on things. For example, if something negative happens, figure out what you are learning from it as opposed to feeling like a victim.

  • Set a vision

    • When you create a vision it will give you a sense of purpose. You can see the bigger picture as opposed to the smaller things. Your vision should be driven by your dreams and goals.

  • Continue working on yourself every day

    • Having clear visions can help you get rid of distractions. It shows you exactly what you need to be doing. Being consistent every day brings you to your vision.

  • Adjust your environment

    • The people you surround yourself with will have a major impact on your life. If your circle is not talking about growth and goals, it may be time to reevaluate who you are spending time with.

  • Learn new skills as well as improving your current skills

    • No matter what your goal is, it is always beneficial to have skills. They can be used in all areas of your life as well as learning specific skills that help you attain your vision. Reading, podcasts, mentors, classes, and videos are all useful tools for learning new skills.

  • Learning to enjoy the process

    • Remembering that the whole point is to have change in your life will help you with this process. It is meant to push you to higher levels. During this process, you may even change directions of what you want and that's okay. This is to better yourself and your life, regardless of where you end up.