How to Sleep Better


I used to struggle with sleeping- both falling asleep and staying asleep. It used to take me hours to fall asleep and then I would wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall asleep again. People know the obvious things to help you sleep like exercising, not eating right before bed, limit screen time, etc. I was following all of those recommendations but I was still having a hard time sleeping. Here are some things that I found beneficial to the quality and amount of sleep I am now getting.

Routine- With my lifestyle it was hard to consistently go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends. I had to improvise to fit my lifestyle. I found that making my bedtime routine repetitive, helped me fall asleep better no matter what time it was. When I start getting ready for bed, I take my makeup off, wash my face, use moisturizer, brush my teeth, and climb in bed. Try doing your nightly routine right before bed- it doesn't matter what time you are going to bed or what you were previously doing. Doing the same thing before bed helps your body realize you will be sleeping soon.

Control your sleep environment- Realizing what makes you most comfortable will help you get comfortable faster. I know that I sleep best when my room is cold and I can cuddle up with a blanket. I also like having it as dark as possible so I use black out curtains. I need white noise when I sleep so I like to use a fan since it helps with noise and keeping my room cool. You spend a lot of time in your bed and in your room, so it is worth investing in things that will improve your sleep such as a nice mattress and bedding. 

Melatonin- I used to be prescribed sleeping pills but I hated how they made me feel. I would be way too groggy the next morning and I was tired throughout the day. My doctor recommended I try melatonin. Melatonin is like a natural vitamin that you take that is meant to help you fall asleep. I have been taking melatonin for years now and I take it almost every night. There are times I am tired enough to fall asleep without it, so I am not dependent on it. I typically take between 1-5 milligrams. Melatonin is what your body naturally produces when you are tired, so this increases the amount in your body. It has helped me a lot, so, if you are having trouble sleeping, I recommend looking into it.