How To Stick With Your New Years Resolution!


Its the ending of a disappointing year and you decide you want change for the upcoming year. You come up with a new year's resoution, stick with it for 4 days, and then its back to the same old. When the end of the year comes, you repeat it all over again. Does this pattern sound familiar to you? 
In order to start new behavior changes, we need to make goals in the correct way. SMART goals is a good way to do this.
S- Specific: your goal should never sound like "I want to be more healthy". It should be specific.
M- Measurable: Instead of "I want to start going to the gym", try: "I will go to the gym 3 days a week."
A- Attainable: Make sure your goal is possible, but also slightly challenging.
R- Realistic: Making unrealistic goals will only make you frustrated and give up.
T- Time-based: Putting a time frame on your goal will give you a sense of urgency, leaving you with more motivation.