Iced Tea



  • 8 cups of boiling water

  • 3 bags of black tea (you can use your favorite brand, I use Lipton)

  • ¼ cup of organic honey

  • 6 lemon slices (use more or less to fit your taste)

  • Desired amount of ice cubes- I use around 4 cups


  1. Add boiling water to a heat safe pitcher

  2. Add the tea bags in the pitcher and let steep for around 7-8 minutes

  3. Pour in the honey and lemon slices and stir until the honey is dissolved

  4. Place the pitcher in the fridge

  5. Remove tea bags after about an hour- leaving them in longer will make stronger tea (whatever your prefer)

  6. Leave the pitcher in the fridge from a couple hours to overnight

  7. Remove the tea bags before serving, add your ice, and stir