It's Okay to Seek Professional Help


For the last post of Mental Health Awareness Month I want to address seeking professional help. People have become much more open to the concept of therapy and there has been a lot of improvement on breaking the stigma around it. In this blog I will cover some common questions that people have about therapy, why therapy might be beneficial for you, and why getting help can be a good idea.

Seeking professional help can give you coping tools and strategies you may be lacking. You'll be able to understand your situations and figure out how to better navigate these situations with more understanding and more awareness. This progress more than likely will not be an overnight thing after your first session. It can take time. Something I like to remind people is that they are not going to therapy to "fix themselves" because they are not broken. They simply need tools to better navigate their life and continue to improve themselves.

Some common questions about therapy:

Why is getting help important?

By not seeking mental help, you open yourself up to the possibility of letting serious mental health conditions become worse. Going untreated could disrupt your relationships, performance at school or work, and even increase your risk for substance abuse or addiction.

Do they make you lay down on a couch?

Some offices do have a couch but they do not make you lay down like you see in the movies. They let you sit how you are most comfortable.

What do they say?

Most commonly they will open the floor to you and let you bring up what you are comfortable talking about. They may ask some probing questions to find out more but typically you are in control of what topics you want to discuss.

Will it only be about my childhood?

The short answer is no. You may cover some areas from your childhood but you can talk about any timeframe. I know people that use therapy to heal their inner child, people who use therapy to work on current issues they are having, and everything in between.

How long will I have to be in therapy?

You can be in therapy for as long as you see necessary. If you go to a few sessions and decide it is not for you, then you can conclude your sessions. If you find it helpful, you can continue going.

If you are considering getting help, speak with your doctor and your insurance company to see which places may best fit your coverage.