Journaling- Worth it, or a Waste of Time?


Journaling has been a common strategy used to cope with emotions and problems. Sometimes people just journal to get thoughts out they don't want to share with others. Either way, it is an emotional release that I believe is too often overlooked. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, which has a domino effect on many other things. Once your stress is lowered, you sleep better, communicate more effectively, and your immune system is even stronger! According to, journaling helps boost memory and comprehension. 

Try it sometime, next time you feel overwhelmed, set a timer for 5 minutes and do a "brain-dump"- just write down whatever is on your mind. What do you write when you know nobody is watching? When you know you can tare it up and throw it away after? Afterwards, read what you wrote. You will now have an outsider perspective and may be able to process whats going on in your head better. You will feel more at peace. Even if nothing is bothering you, journaling about things that are going good, or that you're grateful for, has tremendous effect on your mood!