Nutrition Tips To Help You Live Longer


Everyone (including the writer) wants a longer, healthier life. And many have tried various means to achieve that without yielding significant results.

What if I tell you a practical and sustainable strategy you could use to live a longer life? No pills or doctor visits, using only scientifically approved foods that will increase your quality life expectancy.

This article will teach you the natural food you need to live a longer and healthier life.

Vegetables And Fruit

Although not earth-shattering, consuming more fruit and vegetable has been the most reliable strategy to enhance long-term survival via diet. Given the variety of vegetables and fruits available, with regional and seasonal changes, it is simple to include them in your diet. Furthermore, eating your five-a-day servings of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables is linked to a reduced risk of all death rates, particularly heart disease.

Whole Grains

Before now, whole-grain carbs have been considered to cause weight gain. But, unfortunately, they are an excellent meal that enhances the quality of life and longevity. In addition, they help replace carbohydrates such as white bread, which are refined. So, instead, start your day with porridge oats, sandwiched whole grain bread for lunch, and end the day with brown rice and a vegetable dish.

Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is a component of what kernel. It is enriched with an anti-aging substance called polyamine spermidine, which is famous for increasing the quality and duration of life since spermidine induces cells to reuse their old organelles in a process called autophagy.

Nuts And Berries

Returning to our ancient hunter-gatherer nutrition of foraged foods may provide further health advantages. For example, nuts, a source of good fats and berries containing polyphenols, are prevalent in North European food and are straightforward to snack on now and then to decrease feelings of hunger between meals.

Green Tea, Hot Cocoa, And Coffee

Tea, particularly green ones, and coffee, which is normal adult diet plans, can also lower the risk of death from all causes. This is because they contain a significant polyphenol concentration, an antioxidants micronutrient derived from plants. Spices, cocoa powder, herbs, and berries are also rich in polyphenols. However, these effects occur without adding sugar, sweeteners, or cream. But if there is a need for a sweetener, healthy alternatives like honey or non-dairy milk are good.


Calorie reduction through a regular fasting program may also enhance life span. Fasting helps you lose weight by shifting your body's energy metabolism from carbohydrates sourced glucose to metabolizing its own stored fat via ketosis. In addition, extended fasting puts cells under high nutrient stress, causing cellular regeneration through autophagy.

Intermittent fasting, which involves alternating between periods of fasting, usually overnight, and eating food mostly in the daytime, can supplement a balanced diet and extend one's life.


While many people are busy trying several methods to live longer lives, you can decide to follow these simple tips and live longer. Just make sure to take healthy alternatives provided when taking tea or cocoa.