Regulating Body Temperature


With all of the heat advisories lately, it is important to know how you can regulate your body temperature to stay safe this summer. Some obvious ways to help is to stay hydrated and stay in a cool environment. Here are some additional ways you can regulate your body temperature:

  • Take a cold bath or foot bath

  • Drink coconut water

  • Drink Peppermint tea hot or cold

  • Eat hydrating foods

  • Aloe Vera- apply topically or you can drink aloe water

  • Eat bananas- they have vitamin B and magnesium which help glands regulate your body temperature

If you become overheated, sit in a cool place and put ice on your pulse points (wrists and neck) or put cold water on those areas. This will help your body temperature regulate and help you feel cooler. If you feel it is an emergency, contact your local emergency services.