Self-Care for Men


For so long, there has been a stigma against men having emotions and how they process them. Just as women take time (at least they should) for self-care, men should too! It can help improve your mental health and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Self-care is simply allocating time daily and weekly to pause everything else in your life and focus solely on yourself.

There are a few different areas of self-care. Below are my favorite things to do to help manage my emotions and allocate time to myself. They can help you mentally and physically!

  • Relaxation

    • Light candles

    • Do your skincare routine or facemasks

    • Practice self reflection

    • Process your emotions

    • Listen to music

  • Living space

    • Keep your place clean and organized

    • Add comfortable things to your space such as blankets and candles

  • Physical

    • Lifting

    • Running

    • Meditation

    • Yoga

    • Drink water

    • Add fruits and vegetables to your everyday diet

  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance

    • Take mental health days when needed

    • Set clear boundaries- when you are off the clock, focus on your personal life

    • Take your work breaks- don't work through them

    • Use your work breaks- get up and move around, meditate, reflect on how your day is going and what you could change or improve

Men are oftentimes put down for not being "masculine" enough which causes them to put off self care. Try doing the things listed above as opposed to playing video games, turning on your tv, or using drugs/alcohol to (not really) deal with your emotions. Men and women deserve to take time for self-care.