Signs Your Mental Health is Getting Bad Again


Something that a lot of people don't understand is that healing is not linear. If you are struggling with depression and/or anxiety, you are going to have good days and bad days. It is completely normal to have a bad day, even after having a good stretch of days. While it is normal, it is still important to recognize when you are getting bad again.

Here is a list of signs that your mental health is getting bad again:

  • Your energy levels have decreased

  • You are more irritable than usual

  • You are sleeping more or less than usual

  • Everything begins feeling like work or a chore- including hobbies

  • You feel trapped

  • You have a more negative outlook

  • You are having a hard time engaging

  • You snap at others

  • Your confidence goes down

  • Your self-image changes

  • Feeling unhappy right when you wake up

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • You become more defensive

  • You do more mindless activities (scrolling social media, watching tv, etc.)

  • You start prioritizing short term pleasure over long term gain

  • You avoid making future plans and begin bailing on current plans

  • Listening to music isn't fun anymore

  • Sensing a lack of purpose/inspiration/goals

  • Seeking out triggering content on purpose

  • Your living space gets messier

  • You find it hard to leave your home

  • Small things feel like big things

  • You find yourself reliving the past instead of focusing on the present

  • You begin using alcohol and/or drugs to cope

What to do when you recognize these signs of your mental health getting bad again:

  • Talk to someone you trust- this can be a friend, family member, therapist, or even calling a helpline

  • Give yourself time to start healing again- take a mental health day and do what you think will help you get out of your funk

  • Take care of your body- make sure you are still eating and drinking plenty of water

  • Exercise- try cardio or meditation

  • Eat better- when you put bad food into your body, you can't expect to feel good

  • Surround yourself with things and people that you love- this can be friends, family, pets, etc.

  • Force yourself to do your hobbies again- even if you don't think you have the energy or desire to do so, once you start it can put you in a better mindset

  • Take a shower- this may seem simple to some people but it is not uncommon for people dealing with depression and anxiety to not take care of themselves

  • Take a bath- showering may seem too difficult, try taking a relaxing bath instead

  • Go outside- getting fresh air can be an immediate mood change for some people and it forces you to move your body

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs

  • Unplug from social media and tv

  • Remind yourself that nothing is permanent and you will not feel like this forever

Resources: Phone Number: 1-(800)-662-HELP (4357) This website provides information about mental health disorders and available treatments.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255