Starting Your Day with a Good Breakfast


You've probably heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Break-fast stands for "breaking your fast", since you went hours with no food during your sleep. Whats better than eating breakfast is making sure it is healthy. This will set your tone for the day. I have found that when I eat a nutritious, filling breakfast, I stay more full throughout the day and it helps prevent me from binging or eating junk. It gives you fuel, energy and motivation to start your day right. Here are some healthy breakfast ideas:

-Avocado toast: this has been trending, you get carbs and healthy fats, plus it is delicious and filling! I like to add a couple scrambled eggs on top of mine. "Everything but the bagel seasoning" is great on it too (also good on eggs)! I also started adding tomato and arugula tossed in lemon juice. There are so many variations. 
-Eggs: Besides the obvious fact of containing protein, eggs increase fullness and helps keep your blood sugar and insulin steady. Eggs also contain choline, a nutrient helpful for brain health. If you get bored of eggs, there are different forms you can make them- scrambled, hard boiled, omelets, over easy, etc. and so many different toppings you can add from spinach to ham! Add some turkey bacon on the side if you want extra protein.
-Oatmeal: Steel cut oats are healthiest, however if you prefer traditional oatmeal thats okay too! Starbucks has oatmeal if you're in a hurry. I'll post a recipe for almond butter banana oats I like to make. 
-Fruit: If you don't have a lot of time, simply eating fruit is a great breakfast idea. Fruit can be hydrating after a night with little to no water. Adding fruit on top of yogurt is excellent too!