Staying Happy During Quarantine


With both the holidays and another shut down quickly approaching, its normal to feel stressed out and down. Here are some ways to lower your stress and stay happy in quarantine:
  • Positive Thinking
    • Positivity is a skill anyone can have- next time you have a negative thought, think of how you can change it to something positive. Try to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and even the worst things have either a positive side or a lesson.
  • Eat Healthy
    • Eating healthy can make you happier in two different ways. When you eat good, you feel good and will look good too. Eating nutrient dense foods also gives the body enough energy to last all day. Try to take advantage of the seasonal fruits and vegetables in your area such as roots or citrus.
  • Stay in Touch
    • Social Distancing is important to keep the community healthy, one way to keep in contact with your loved ones is making an effort to call or FaceTime them regularly.
  • Incorporate More Light
    • You don't need to go outside to take advantage of restorative natural light, try to adjust your schedule to the sun; If you're usually a late sleeper, try just for the winter months to wake up an hour or so earlier.
  • Get Your Blood Flowing
    • Now is the perfect time to switch up your workout routine. Challenge yourself to try new exercises in your own home, I like to do squats while I wait for my food to cook or during commercials.
  • Live Your Life
  • Don't let the cold and quarantine get in the way of having fun, but do it safely. Bundle up and go out in nature and do something out of your comfort zone, like sledding, or a winter walk.