Stop Apologizing For Things That Are Normal


The societal pressures that men and women face daily have become insane. It almost feels like everything you do is criticized and critiqued in some way. If someone prefers to be more natural, they are ridiculed for not caring about their looks. If someone prefers to wear makeup and have their hair done, they are ridiculed for trying too hard. We are all human and we should be able to live how we want and do what is best for us. It's time that we stop apologizing for the things that make us us.

Stop apologizing for:

  • Not wearing makeup

  • Wearing makeup

  • Your hair not being done

  • Your nails not being painted

  • Not looking perfect

  • Acne or breakouts

  • Having dark circles or puffy eyes

  • Having body hair

  • Not wearing heels

  • Not wearing a bra

  • Having emotions

  • Showing and expressing your emotions

  • Not wearing a fancy outfit

  • Not owning a designer bag

  • Looking tired

  • Having stretch marks

  • Canceling plans

  • Putting yourself first

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Saying no

  • Not driving a nice car

  • Having cellulite

  • Not eating enough

  • Eating too much

  • What you eat

  • What you don't eat

  • Anything that makes you human