Tips For Overcoming New Job Anxiety


With a new job, there are bound to be plenty of unknowns and what-if scenarios. Unfamiliarity with a new environment, coworkers, and job duties is a significant source of anxiety caused by uncertainty. Luckily, with a few good habits and a positive mindset, you can kick workplace anxiety to the curb and build the confidence needed to excel in a new work environment.

  • Connect with your new colleagues.

It's an excellent way to soothe anxious nerves and feel more comfortable. Building a support system with coworkers who answer your questions about the new job, eat lunch and chat with you significantly strengthens your collaboration and teamwork capabilities. This support system, in turn, will make the new job process smoother. You may also connect on social media with employees from the same company who work at different locations.

  • Begin your morning routine on the right track.

Preparation for the work day ahead is essential for job confidence and productivity. Enjoy a healthy breakfast, relax with your favorite music, and spend time with your pets. A calming start to the day diminishes feeling rushed, and walking into work feeling overwhelmed will affect productivity.

Allow yourself a few days to practice the commute to your new job, so you know where to go and have a better sense of the traffic conditions. Doing this will help you time your morning routine, so you're more prepared to leave home and make an excellent impression on your first day of work.

  • Reward your accomplishments.

Celebrating personal victories, no matter how small, is an excellent way to bolster your self-confidence and motivation to perform well at your new job. So remember to reward yourself for each work day you performed well, managed to learn a new task, or got yourself through a difficult one.

When you acknowledge your capabilities of creating positive change, you will gradually notice a reduction in self-doubt. For example, you may celebrate your achievements by going out for dinner and a movie, practicing self-care (such as a spa day at home), or trying a fun new hobby. Developing a reward system may also help you view your new job as something to look forward to rather than just mundane work.

  • Keep the new job in perspective - with a positive growth mindset.

Remember that you likely had a lot of competition for your new role, and your employer saw potential in you that elevated you above the other applicants. Viewing a new job as an opportunity to grow your skillset, and discover new ones, helps foster a positive growth mindset.

Get in the habit of viewing new work situations as a challenge rather than a threat. Instead of viewing mistakes as personal shortcomings, remember that everyone makes mistakes and allow them to fuel your desire for workplace growth. A little self-competition will also motivate you to excel at new work tasks. These challenges will lead you to be a star employee and receive promotions later.