Vitamins that Help Anxiety and Depression


Research has shown that certain vitamins, supplements, and herbs have helped improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. These can be taken in the form of foods or supplements.

Vitamin D- helps with mood regulation and nerve and brain health.

B Vitamins- there are 8 different nutrients that combine and help the body's stress levels. A study found that people with lower blood levels of B vitamins more often had anxiety or depression, whereas people with higher levels of B vitamins had better anxiety and stress scores.

Magnesium- this mineral helps essential functions of all systems in the body- including brain functionality. This means taking it can help improve the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Omega-3- It plays an important role in brain health which can be helpful for someone with anxiety.

Rhodiola- This herb is associated with many health benefits. It is thought to help reduce depressive symptoms and improve your body's stress response, helping with anxiety. It also enhances nerve cell communication.

Saffron- This spice is full of antioxidants and has been thought to be a natural antidepressant. It increases levels of serotonin and helps keep it in your brain longer.

Lavender- This affects the parasympathetic nervous system which is what controls anxiety, heart rate, and breathing.

Depression and anxiety are mental health conditions that affect people all over the world. The typical treatment options are medication and therapy, however some people find that taking supplements and including modifications to their vitamins can reduce their symptoms. The vitamins and supplements listed above may be appropriate for some individuals but you should consult with your doctor before making any changes to your supplement intake.