What the State of Your Room Says About the State of Your mind


Recent studies have shown that people who described their rooms as messy had more mental health issues, such as depression and stress, compared to people who described their rooms as clean and organized. The studies also say that taking care of yourself and taking care of your room go hand in hand. If your things are scattered, your mind is probably scattered too. As you tidy up your room, it helps you tidy up your mind.

You can start by making your bed every morning. It only takes a few minutes and even though it may seem unnecessary, it can do more than leave your room looking clean. It will give you a sense of accomplishment which will improve your mood. This can set the tone for the rest of your day. Check out this video on YouTube if you don't believe me- https://youtu.be/3sK3wJAxGfs

When you set this time aside to make your bed, clean your room, or put away your clothes, it can be a good, productive distraction. Even though it can feel like a task sometimes, it can give you a sense of pride at the end. Try getting up a few minutes earlier to make your bed and give yourself time during the week to clean your room. This will all help your state of mind.