Why can't I be consistent with my diet?


Most of us know what healthy eating means. We know which foods we should avoid, but we still have such a hard time. Why is this? There are 2 big contributing factors. 
First off, the more sugar we eat, the more it triggers us to continue making poor decisions. It makes it harder for our prefrontal cortex to operate and make choices, and you will continue the cycle of impulse decisions. Once you start avoiding sugar, you will slowly be able to make more rational decisions when it comes to eating. You will break the addiction of impulse decisions, since these impulses feed on more impulses. 
Another big factor is sleep. Lack of sleep does to the brain the same thing that eating sugar does- makes it harder to make decisions. Have you ever noticed when youre low on sleep, you eat poorly? It just feeds off each other.
Once you cut down on sugar and get adequate sleep, you will start noticing it is easier to make healthy choices, and you will gain a momentum to keep going.