Why Having A Pet Boosts Well-Being


Pets are an excellent source of physical and emotional connection that enrich our quality of life. The joy pets bring us provides plenty of physical and mental health benefits. Pets have developed a distinct attunement to our feelings, habits, and outward responses through years of evolution. For example, dogs have become attuned to our verbal expressions, with a comprehension of the words we speak. More impressively, human bodily cues, mannerisms, and changes in our tone of voice are human behaviors they are exceptionally skilled at recognizing. However, pet owners of any species can benefit from several benefits to their well-being.

Different pet species can provide various benefits.

Your choice of pet can vary based on personal needs and preferences. For example, if you need an apartment-friendly companion, have allergies, and have a busy lifestyle that requires a low-maintenance pet, a rabbit is an exceptional choice. Or, if you're seeking a highly intelligent pet with which you can share hours of stimulation, requires minimal grooming, and has a long lifespan, a bird companion is an ideal go-to.

Studies have also proven the following:

  • Serotonin and dopamine production may significantly increase during playtime with cats and dogs, providing a soothing effect.
  • Doctor visits for pet owners older than 65 are reduced by 30 percent compared to non-pet owners.
  • Life longevity is increased in pet owners with prior heart attacks compared to non-pet owners.
  • Reduced triglyceride and cholesterol levels have been shown for individuals who own pets compared to non-pet owners.
  • In stress-inducing circumstances, pet owners have healthier blood pressure levels compared to individuals who don't own pets. In fact, according to one study, a drastic reduction in blood pressure was apparent within five months after individuals with borderline hypertension adopted shelter dogs.

Pets have such a soothing effect on people due to our basic need for physical touch. It's also been shown that behavior improves in the long run for lifelong incarcerated criminals who've never experienced mutual tenderness in their lives. When you're physically tense or have racing thoughts, you can be eased into a calmer state by being affectionate with an animal. Investing in a pet is also an excellent solution for combating loneliness, as they promote bonding through play, grooming, cuddling, and even training.

Pets help teach us how to be structured and responsible.

Many pets require some form of routine in their daily lives, such as planned physical activity and specified dietary needs. Establishing specific practices for your animal companion helps foster the best quality of life for them, which can help pet owners get more in touch with their nurturing side. Pets can be great motivators to control our negative thoughts and emotions. Raising a pet and attending to its daily care, exercise, dietary, bathroom, and medical needs may help owners see positive benefits in structure and responsibility. Over time, pet owners may appreciate tending to personal obligations instead of viewing them as mere necessities.