Tea Infuser- Blue

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Our insulated stainless steel water bottle with a stainless steel mesh screen to filter your tea or fruit is designed to keep your tea hot for all-day enjoyment on the go.

.5L 500ml


• Hot tea- add hot water to the tumbler, add your tea to the small strainer and screw the top tightly, and flip the bottle over to infuse the tea. After steeping, flip the bottle over and enjoy your tea.

• Fruit infusions- add your fruit and cold water to the tumbler, insert the screen strainer, screw the lid on tight, then you can drink the water without pieces of fruit coming through.

• Ice water- fill the bottom portion with 1/3 water and place in the freezer, when you are ready, fill the rest with water and your water will stay colder longer!

  • Hand wash only